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're constraining the energy, the innovation, the creativity of the most amazing engine for discovery the world has seen, which is america's science. >> dr. collins, what you're saying is that young people are discouraged from coming forth because they don't think that there's going to be the money there to fund their project? i see dr. hodes and landus shaking their head. so we have promising ideas. people in our own country, in our own country with these ideas ready to roll. well, let me ask you this. the whole idea of doubling, i don't know if it's in our fiscal cards. but i understand we shared an idea here that if we had stayed on the 3% growth initiated by harkin-spector, where would we be now, about $40 billion? >> if you look at that curve of what the trajectory was prior to the 1998 doubling, it was about a 3% growth rate, and that's accounting for inflation. so real growth in terms of purchasing power. if we had stayed on that curve, we would now be just at about $40 billion. rvelgs so it's $10 billion less than where we are. we're both not only at the national institutes of ageing, but a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1